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The small, but quaint village Stomorska can be found between olive hils and pine trees. It is a jewel of solitude and tranquility. Years ago Stomorska supplied the Mediterranean areas with wine, fruits and olive oil.

Now a day sightseeing tours on some of those boats are offered to discover the beauty of the Adriatic area.

Sleepy Stomorska is favoured for ist hot summer months. During the day romantic bays with a beautiful view to clean and turquoise coloured sea can be enjoyed.

At night the village becomes alive. Sweep along with a cherry mood and go for a walk at the busy port, have dinner at all different kinds of restaurants and have fun at the dance club...

Stomorska has ist own Yachtport with 20 wharfs. ( draft 2 - 5 m )

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Seaport on the west coast of Island Solta. The course of the coast is divided into many little bays with beautiful pebble beaches (Tepli bok, Soskova, Poganica, Vela Luka).

Extraordinary beautiful, especially the pebble beaches as well as the bay Sesula and the little Islands (Stipanska, Radula, Balkun, Polebrnjak, Grmej, Kamicic) will inspire the visitors.

A square tower with arrow slits (17th Century) is located on the bay. A baroque castle was built around 1708 with a quadrangle. The family crest of the Martinis-Marchi can be still seen above the main entrance.

Around the 18th century the bay turned into a little fishing village and up to this day you can enjoy the freshest fish all year around.

On the little Island Stipanska are old ruins of an old Christian basilica with a semi-circled apsis.



The roman imperator Diokletian already built around 295 thermae and an aquarium around the beautiful bay. Marko Marulic, founder of the Croatian literature (15th century) as well as Petar Hektorovic, a great poet, got their inspiration from Necujam.

The bay is 1,8km long, about 1,2km wide and 40m deep, a paradise on the north side of Island Solta. Ruins of an old gothic church (15th century) and a simple, small stone house where Marko Marulic lived can be visited on the east side of the bay.

Close to that are apartments with a swimming pool located as well as vacation houses.



Is the first city you will see when you get on the Island Solta, since Rogac is the main port on the Island. Splendid bays (Banje, Kasjun, Zustova) show the beauty around it.

A fort (17th century), St. Theresien Church with a portrait of the benefactor of the church (1749) and the rest of roman defence walls can be visited right around the bays.

Many years ago the residents of the city built their ships by hand, but this handcraft tradition disappeared after the 2nd world war.


Last Updated ( Utorak, 12 Lipanj 2007 )
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