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Travel information      

In general, you should arrive on Saturday. In the afternoon, your room or apartment or house will be ready for you. If you arrive early, please understand if you have to wait for the cleaning to get finished.
Right after checking in at our office in Stomorska, you will be able to move in then.
If you are late, please do contact our travel agency . Thank you !

Check out needs to be done before 10:00 am, so your room/apartment can get cleaned in time for the next guests. In case you would like to live sooner or later than that, please talk to either your host or our travel agency.

All houses and apartments come with a kitchen or kitchenette (oven, refrigerator, some apartments do have freezers), pots, dishes and silverware (depending on how many guests will stay). The houses and apartments do not come with toasters, mixers, microwaves or coffeemakers (traditional Turkish cooked coffee).
Only if otherwise mentioned, fresh sheets, blankets towels and kitchen towels will be provided. We suggest though bringing your own beach towels.

Our staff will provide you with any cleaning equipment if needed. Toilette paper will be there at your arrival, but needs to be purchased if more needed.

Our apartments come with king sized (180x200), french sized bedrooms (160x200) and coaches (60-80x200), which can be used as sleep sofas. Some rooms do come with emergency beds.

Pets (cats and dogs) do need an international valid health certificate (yellow) with vaccination confirmations, like rabies. All pets need to be reported and confirmed by us. You will have to pay a fee of 3,- to 5,- payable by the host.

Please note that a non report or no valid certificate will have consequences, like a fee that needs to be paid to the Hotel or the hotel might refuse your stay.

Post office, hair dressers, supermarkets (the supermarket in Manjiga does accept credit cards), restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops, traditional Konobas and a dance club can be found all over Stomorska. There is one gas station in Rogac (port of Solta), about 13 km from Stomorska, open 24 hours during summertime, limited during winter time.

Money exchange is available at the post office or at the travel agency. Soon you will be able to get cash in advance with your credit cards and a valid identification (like passport) then the Island does not provide any money machines.
There is an ATM machine in Stomorska, but no bank on the island. There are enough banks and ATM machines in Split where you can withdraw cash.

Telephone and cell phone
The cheapest way to make a phone call is to use a phone card, which can be purchased at the post office, the travel agency down town Stomorska and some stores. Network operators like CRONET and VIPNET (including SMS-Messenger and WAP-Internet) cover the area of Croatia. It is quid possible that you will not have any connection in some areas.

To make a phone call to Croatia please dial the country code 00 385. From Croatia to Germany please dial 00 49 (for example Munich 00 49 89), to Austria 00 43 , Switzerland 00 41and to England 0044.

Travel Documents
To travel to Croatia or through Slovenia a valid passport will be needed, which will allow you to stay up to 3 months; with an identity card you will be able to stay up to 30 days. It is very important to keep the validity of your ID´s and passport up to date, since authorities are very strict about it; no exceptions. A green insurance card will be needed if travelling with a car, although Croatia and Slovenia does not specifically ask for it, especially for Germans and Austrians.

Currency and Money Exchange
Currency in Croatia is called "KUNA", short-term "KN" and international called "HRK". One Kuna is subdivided into 100 LIPA´s (ln).

Currency comes in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Lipa´s dimensions, as well as 1, 2, 5 and 25 KUNA´s. Bills come in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 KUNA´s.
Since January 2007.= 7,44 KN´s are worth about €1.-.
Money Exchange can be done at the post office and our travel agency in Stomorska. Trade rate varies from bank to bank in between 0% to 3% daily.

We ask that you please pay your bill at our travel agency in Stomorska upon arrival and solely with Euros!

Credit Cards
Most stores and restaurants accept credit cards like American Express, Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa or Diners Club.

Our travel agency does not accept any credit cards !

Money Machines
In every larger city you will be able to find ATM machines, from which you can draw cash via credit card or EC-bank-card.

Medical Care
Medical Care is very well covered in Croatia. General and private hospitals are growing. Insurance will cover most of the costs in case of a Hospital/Doctor visit; it might happen that you will have to pay some of the costs. We do suggest signing up for an additional insurance.

The voltage is the same as in Germany and others Europe countries:
220 V alternating current. Coming from there, you will not need an adapter for sockets.

Environmental Protection
In the interest of our environment - which, by the way, is anchored in the Croatian constitution - we urgently ask you to not toss any waste into the sea, the landscape, or the toilet. Please help actively to keep the Adriatic Sea clean, the "bluest" of al seas, as well as the unique environment of the islands. Thanks

Last Updated ( Petak, 16 Oľujak 2007 )
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