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Island Solta is located 9 nm next to the city Split. Solta is very quiet and relaxing oasis and great for biking- and hiking tours. Mediterranean vegetation, with different kinds of herbs, olive trees and vine yards. Among other thing, it offers great honey.







Solta, the best place to relax - let go and enjoy yourself !

The roman imperator Diokletian knew to appreciate Soltas values and built around 295 ac his own thermals and a aquarium.

The island was mentioned in Greeks literature around the 4th century for the first time and was called Olyntha. The Romans called the island Solenta and ist original Croatian name was Sulet. Population grew around the Bronze Age, since about the beginning of the 7th century refugees from the antic Salona, and centuries later habitants from Klis settled down in Solta.

Since the 7th century Solta belonged to Split. Solta supplies lots of areas with wood, chalk and olives.

In 1940 Solta count about 3500 habitants, currently only about 1200. The Island was evacuated during World War II.

Welcome to Solta - the Island of culture !
Welcome to Solta - where great Croatian poets like Marko Marulic and Peter Hektorovic got their inspiration from...

If you have stayed one night at Island Solta ,
you will remember its beauty the rest of your life !

For more informations visit official solta web site

Last Updated ( Subota, 26 Travanj 2008 )
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